Variety Pack Mega Munch

Variety Pack Mega Munch

Variety Pack Mega Munch is our largest box and contains a whopping 26 different products (36 items).


Our packs do not include rawhide. Variety Pack Mega Munch packs are great for aiding dental hygiene and expanding taste & treat choices.


Gluten Free - Grain Free - High in Protein - Oral and Dental Benefits.


Suitable for all raw & non raw diets.


How to Use:

Select a treat and watch your pet enjoy!



Puffed chicken foot, chicken foot, chicken breast jerky, chicken neck ~ 100% chicken. 

Porky bite, porky snout, pig ear, puffed pig snout ~ 100% pork.

Turkey neck ~ 100% turkey.

Duck neck ~ 100% duck.

Bull prizzle, hairy cow ear, beef lips, dried liver strip, beef tripe, flat beef gullet ~ 100% beef.

Hairy rabbit ear ~ 100% rabbit.

Fish squares ~ 100% fish skin.

Lamb spaghetti, lambs tail, lambs ear with hair, lamb ear no hair ~ 100% lamb.

Black pudding stick ~ chicken 70%, pork blood, rice, minerals & seasoning.

Chicken stick ~ chicken 70%, beef meal & minerals.

Liver sausage ~ beef liver 30%, chicken 40%, rice & minerals.

Venison sausage ~ venison 30%, beef 20%, chicken 20%, rice, minerals & seasoning.



Box size is 25cm x 25cm x 7cm – not letterbox friendly, its huge!

2 x puffed chicken foot.

2 x chicken foot.

1 x 30g porky bite.

1 x 20g chicken breast jerky.

1 x turkey neck.

1 x porky snout.

2 x chicken neck.

1 x pig ear.

1 x black pudding stick.

1 x chicken stick.

1 x duck neck.

2 x liver sausage.

2 x venison sausage.

1 x bull prizzle.

2 x hairy rabbit ear.

1 x hairy cow ear.

3 x fish squares.

2 x lamb spaghetti.

1 x lambs tail.

1 x 30g beef lips.

1 x lambs ear with hair.

2 x lamb ear no hair.

1 x 30g dried liver strip.

1 x 10g beef tripe.

1 x puffed pig snout.

1 x 20g flat beef gullet.


Care Instructions:

Store in a dry place.



Not suitable for pups under 16 weeks of age.


Supervised use only.


Please note that we may have to substitute one item for another due to availability of our natural products.


Be aware that products may stain due to the curing process & natural oils.


Sourced as per DEFRA standards.

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