Sweet Treats: Chocolate Fish Chips & Sprinkle Mix

Sweet Treats: Chocolate Fish Chips & Sprinkle Mix

Deli4Paws Chocolate Fish, Chips & Sprinkle Mix 3 bag selection will certainly be appreciated by your dog or puppy (not suitable for cats / kittens).  Made specifically from ingredients suitable for dogs this is the perfect wee extra treat to add to your basket for your favourite dog or puppy.   


Available in candy stripe sweetie bags or Christmas sweetie bags ~ just add a note, if no note added they will be sent out in the candy striped bags :) 


Ingredients/Materials: Palm Oil, Whey Powder, Wheatflour (with added calcium, iron, niacin, thiamin), Wheat Starch, Sugar, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavourings (Glazing Agent Bees Wax), Natural Colourings (Chlorophyllins, Carotenes, Betanin, Anthocyanins).


Sizing: 100g x 3 bags.


Care Instructions: Keep in an airtight container in a cool, dry place until required.


Important Information: Not for human consumption. Not suitable for cats. Suitable from 12 weeks. Supervised use only. Always provide clean drinking water. To avoid choking hazards always ensure the item is suitable for your pets age, size and ability.